Hilder Country

I’m inspired to copy some more from a book of Rowland Hilder watercolour paintings. The first is a breakthrough. However, in the second I immediately revert to reckless experimentation and impatience. The combination of Phthalo Turqoise (!) and wet on wet (instead of waiting for the base wash to dry) gives me a bold improvement […]

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Architecture 6/6 Eynsford

Finally we sit down to try everything we have learned. That includes perspective, tone, colour, line, depth,..  I choose to copy a Rowland Hilder. I’m going to stay with RH as my model for loose watercolour mixed with loose ink work depicting architecture in correct perspective.  Here’s my first shot: It looks even better framed: […]

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Architecture 5/6

This week we are looking at adding trees and characters (people) to bring scale and interest to an architectural painting. We do a couple of exercises and then begin. I select a photo of an old church yard. I attach some extra paper with masking tape and then with a ruler extend the rooflines to […]

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Urban Sketch: Spitalfields

Each drawing was about one hour. One in pencil the other in ink. Both in my 5×8″ Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. The architects in the group produced drawings of heart-aching beauty that inspired me to crawl up to higher levels if I possibly can. The craft and the art are separate problems. One is a question […]

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Bike & Sunflowers

Flattered to be offered a commission which also happens to be an interesting challenge.  Here’s the original: And here’s a #Prisma with #Gothic #filter (only 25%) version to obtain blocks of colour and a style of brush mark component shapes to aim for: Next step is to print using Microsoft “Paint” onto four borderless sheets. […]

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Art in Church?

Acknowledgement to nakedpastor.com for the above. Because I assert that real Art is about asking questions. Design & Craft is Expression; Art is Personal Expression If Art is “personal expression”, church could be the wrong platform for art. I was expressing myself in a worship band. Or was I expressing a mood “In The Spirit”. I was […]

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