Architecture 4/6 Duntisbourne Rouse

This is an exercise I’m doing at art class – and having drawn it I visited my mentor where we both had a go at colouring. 

Here’s my dad’s before & after editing with Snapseed & Prisma:

And here’s mine; before & after:

Prisma gives the impression of an oil painting. But that’s irrelevant to this journey really! Here’s what happened in the next week at art class. I tried to paint directly from brush to paper; no pencil. No outlines:

2 thoughts on “Architecture 4/6 Duntisbourne Rouse

  1. Interesting that your Dad’s has changed so little whereas yours has changed dramatically. Did you do exactly the same to both? Or is it because your Dad’s colours were more “realistic” originally that you felt less editing was necessary?

    1. I’m afraid it’s not that interesting! Dad and I were just playing around to see what happens. I have edited with Snapseed using his picture and with Prisma using mine. The Prisma effects are much more radical, as you can see. Also, I mixed my green from dark yellow and Ultramarine Blue and got a very unrealistic green which recommended a more drastic treatment!

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