Architecture 5/6

This week we are looking at adding trees and characters (people) to bring scale and interest to an architectural painting. We do a couple of exercises and then begin. I select a photo of an old church yard. I attach some extra paper with masking tape and then with a ruler extend the rooflines to discover the two vanishing points:

I mark the vanishing points at the edge of the paper on the right and with a cross on the left, both of them on the eyeline (horizon). 

The elements don’t seem to line up and the porch (?) is misshaped. 

Soon, using a ruler, I have accurately produced a believable outline with an 8B pencil. Now for some colour. I visit my dad to get some advice. His looks great. Of course. 

Mine looks woolly to my eye. I wanted it ‘crisper’. Undaunted I resolve to be better next time. 

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