Le Pain Quotidien

Here’s a very quick (5m) sketch, coloured in next day (10m W&N Portable Paintbox) and then given a little boost with #Prisma #Gothic (25%) to strengthen the intensity of contrast and saturation. The lesson I take (again) and hope to learn (maybe this time) is to boldly use stronger colour in the first place.

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Handwritten Typography

How I do my hand drawn typography? I’ve been asked a few times. Here’s a tiny guide: First, find an example of a typeface with thick and thin strokes. Try Google Images, searching for “Handwritten Typography”. Spend a while looking at it. Which lines are thin? (Horizontal and forward leaning) Which lines are thick? (Vertical […]

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Art Club: Birch Trees

My grandchildren call it “Art Club” when we get the paints out. In this case, birch trees on a roll of lining paper. First the skeletons with Graphite Sticks: Next we added colour, and used clingfilm for texture. As usual the water brings contrast and tones out of the Graphite. I like this so much […]

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Suburban Sketching

I’m interrupting my project, “Four Evangelists” to produce four sketches or watercolours of Barnes Architecture. I’ve made a start with two quick sketches and one quick watercolour. I Add The OSO in Barnes Pond: I’m getting warmed up now after the Christmas break. So I choose the Pink House and go for a carefully rendered […]

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