Suburban Sketching

I’m interrupting my project, “Four Evangelists” to produce four sketches or watercolours of Barnes Architecture.

I’ve made a start with two quick sketches and one quick watercolour.

I Add The OSO in Barnes Pond:

I’m getting warmed up now after the Christmas break. So I choose the Pink House and go for a carefully rendered perspective. It’s OK, so I apply Masking Fluid to the sky edges and the window frames. Tomorrow I should be able to apply a blue-to-black wash behind the windows and a good strong blue sky. I’ll trim the blobs to square them off, using a sharp knife, before painting.

However. The dried mask could NOT be cut! So the clean crisp windows I wanted did not materialise.

In the end this is one where I much prefer the output of the #Prisma filter.

I think that’s the one that will go into the exhibition. I’ll ignore the version with inkliner added over the paint.

So far things are not looking particularly adept. I’m trying to be ‘loose’ and avoid looking like I’m “colouring in” a drawing. Though i am doing exactly that at least part of the time. So I try to paint using only a pencil outline. The result is even more childish.

I try two because the first is traced over a reversed projection from my light box.

Now I try an Ink & Wash painting of The Homestead in Church Road; starting with the ink, obviously.

Time for colour; and I’m having trouble getting blue right without Prussian Blue in my new palette. So suddenly night has fallen!

And,… The chimney pots will cheekily peek above the masked margin! Ha!

adding dark greens and Lamp Black,.. It’s ‘taking place’. The building looks or feels heavy and rooted.

I do hope that paint hasn’t seeped under the masking tape, the top edges are so crisp! To finish, I lay some light Grey mix over the garden background, and do some ‘brickwork’ on the gate posts.

I notice that the colours dried lighter than when wet. So what I thought was going to be ‘night’ has ended up as ‘late afternoon’. The simple plain texture of the red house and hedges make this more of an ‘illustration’ than a ‘painting’. Do I care? Maybe. Maybe not.

in the end I have four pieces, as invited, for hanging in the OSO Art Centre. Framed and ready with 24 hours to change my mind,…

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