Still Life at the RAA

30m drawing class at the RAA. Produced 3 good sketches out of 10. Pushed into negative with saturation using Snapseed. The blue one is done without looking at the paper. Both done in 2 minutes. here are my original drawings: Here’s the trio, ready to frame: Trius Blocus Discus. #fromlife #watercolour, #painting, #art, #drawing, #nofilter […]

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The amazing poet and polymath, Godfrey Rust asked me about a watercolour of dandelions dispersing seed against an azure sky. It’s the second CD cover I’ve been asked for in this new year. It’s a real problem though. The dandelion is made up of hundreds of fine stems which in a 2D painting equates to […]

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Chord Hugo 2 review

What if you could buy a digital pre-amp with no analogue inputs? It could become common – just as integrated amps stopped including a photo stage. Here’s my report on an upgrade from 8XPdQX to the (FPGA Based) Hugo2. Both used as a digital preamp thus: Cyrus Stream X2 Chord Hugo 2 X Power + […]

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Over Haddon

Sketching a cottage in the Derbyshire Dales. First shot: I don’t think there’s any character to this. I want to push the perspective: Then added some colour: The roof is too heavy. And the perspective is all over the place! It’s hard working from an extreme panoramic photo. I try again using maths to project […]

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