Over Haddon

Sketching a cottage in the Derbyshire Dales. First shot:

I don’t think there’s any character to this. I want to push the perspective:

Then added some colour:

The roof is too heavy. And the perspective is all over the place! It’s hard working from an extreme panoramic photo. I try again using maths to project the angles:

That sketch is ‘better’ but still lacking character. I resort to Prisma (Roy):

I actually quite like that! Maybe that’s the one? Still, let’s try adding some watercolour.

the patch of grass on the right is nice! I must remember to drop two colours into a new area, let the liquid form its edges from the texture of the brush and the paper, I wish I had achieved that in all the other areas of the building.

So. Another drawing. This time trying harder. Yet still the proportions are imperfect. You can see which wall is too wide? This time it’s going to be a ‘complete’ drawing. 8B Pencil with lots of detail and even some shade:

The idea is to add a lot of two-colour puddles of watercolour. I’ve decided that the watercolour’s ‘implied reality’ comes from the half blended colours, and the ‘assured looseness’ comes from allowing puddles to form their own edges.

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