Google Street View

It’s very tempting to browse the urban landscape of “Google Street View” to frame the subject for your next painting. Why travel and sit in the street when you can adjust the angle, and crop the photo all in the comfort of home? I took these using Google Street View: The last one (above, Gail’s […]

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Happy Birthday! — Della-Mae!

This is a quick Birthday Card project!. Start with a sheet of Langton 10×7″ watercolour paper, to be folded in half to make a card (!) Next up, mask off with Frog Tape – because it’s there. BTW, it looks maybe more reusable, .and more easily removable? Next, put on the Buena Vista Orchestra (24bit […]

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Ralph the Dog

Ralph is actually a doorstop, in a dog shape. This is an ink drawing with lines made from dragging the ink using a water brush. Snapseed was used to change the colours.

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Henry Moore

Not the sculptor, the upholsterer on Barnes’ White Hart Lane. We just got a lovely old armchair done by them, and now.. a picture of the shop to hang over it. First I do a screen grab of Google Street View to save me going out. Next I crop it to 3×2 which is approximately […]

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Easter Eggs

I’d like to paint pictures that look like the imitation paintings made by the iPhone app called Prisma. Here’s a photo I took: And here’s the fake painting (my favourite!!) that I made with Prisma: Then I tried to paint it in watercolour: I haven’t really tried to create a full A4 watercolour painting for […]

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