Easter Eggs

I’d like to paint pictures that look like the imitation paintings made by the iPhone app called Prisma.

Here’s a photo I took:

And here’s the fake painting (my favourite!!) that I made with Prisma:

Then I tried to paint it in watercolour:

I haven’t really tried to create a full A4 watercolour painting for three months or more. It’s bad. I’ve just done little sketches. My drawing has improved but I have not got the routine of spending 3 days working through a picture. I’m not happy with the results. I completely forgot to decide if the paper should be wet or dry before adding colour.

To ‘improve’ it I try running the painting through the same Prisma filter I used for the photo:

So; to summarise, I’m a bit lost. I’m getting results without much similarity to whatever little expectation I had.

Honestly I’m happy to be free and to let accidents happen, and claim the credit for anything that is good. But I feel stupid doing it.

Tried again. You have to try again. ..

2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

    1. Thank you, Nancy!! As I say, the result is an accident for which I unashamedly accept the credit. Still I wish I could produce what is in my mind, or be more ‘deliberate’.

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