Henry Moore

Not the sculptor, the upholsterer on Barnes’ White Hart Lane. We just got a lovely old armchair done by them, and now.. a picture of the shop to hang over it.

First I do a screen grab of Google Street View to save me going out.

Next I crop it to 3×2 which is approximately equal to A4 in aspect ratio.

Next I square it up by adding a grid using the iPhone app, “Grid#”.

I softly square up my watercolour paper and draw outlines on my paper. It looks like this:

To me this looks a little “flat”. It lacks atmosphere, drama, light, or anything of interest. So the challenge is to add life, human touch. What’s the plan? I’m guessing that I can draw in ink using the pencil as a guide, and then go for a ‘line & wash’ look by adding watercolour. First the ink, and I go in hard with a 0.8 line for everything; near and far, outline and detail. And look what happens:

This has flattened the projection, like a “2D” feeling. Next step is colour, and I’m wondering if I can continue this style by using flat areas of colour, without softening the colours in the distance, or detailing in the foreground? Unfortunately I don’t have much skill in applying colour, so I might get something very different from what I’m hoping for.

OK. I think that’s it. I’ll frame it and see how it looks. I think a splash of yellow is needed but I don’t see where. Yet.

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