Happy Birthday! — Della-Mae!

This is a quick Birthday Card project!. Start with a sheet of Langton 10×7″ watercolour paper, to be folded in half to make a card (!) Next up, mask off with Frog Tape – because it’s there. BTW, it looks maybe more reusable, .and more easily removable? Next, put on the Buena Vista Orchestra (24bit 96kHz of course) and ..oh! what to paint?

Mary suggests Della (9) standing outside her lovely neo-industrial town-house home. So I pull up Google Maps and crop a 3:2 portrait image off the screen. Nice. Sunny.


Plan is to add Della, and remove a couple of cars and the Google logo. Away we go. Pencil sketch; then 0.5mm inkliner, then start Water Colour, with a tiny brush, and taking care to mix colours as best I can. Goal is to capture the “sunny day” shadow and light.

As always, I think I can get a better overall effect by doing less, not more. In particular, I did that with the car, though I wish now I’d been equally simple with the building. However, for a final touch, I do try some tiny drainpipe shadows to make the light more evident:

I like it! And I hope Della does, too.

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