The Four Evangelists

Ever since we visited St. Petersburg I’ve wanted to paint the four Evangelists. I did a great sketch last year on a small scale but going big is harder. This is a metre wide. I need a bigger brush?!

There’s a bit of symbolism to do and it’s all summarised in Wikipedia under “Four Evangelists”.

I use plasterboard mesh tape to get a texture on the halos.

It’s not at all what I wanted to get. Maybe I should just print an enlarged copy of the small one!?

I can’t work out how to integrate the four classic “beasts”. (Angel, lion, ox, eagle). Instead I add four Greek words (Man, God, servant, victor).

It’s hard work developing an idea. I wonder, how long would it take me to do another two or three or four?

trying again this time drawing enlarged faces like the small sketch. I add halos using plasterboard tape for texture.

Having done halo textures with plasterboard tape and cloak textures with clingfilm I finish by selecting passages from each gospel that include their key phrases: man, god, servant, and king. In Greek (ancient and modern, inter-linear).

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