Art as a Journal of the Heart

Facebook reminds me of what my sketches looked like exactly one year ago. Having such a journal is so useful, I wish I could also look back and trace any emotional / spiritual growth. But if you look deeply into your art, perhaps hand and heart are closely connected, if not telling exactly the same story.

The urban sketch is one year old. Let’s compare it to the one I did yesterday.

Both were un-premeditated; just done for the sake of sitting and drawing in the sun.

in both cases I was simply transferring edges. But one year on, I’ve changed from pencil to ink, and I’m enjoying, not fearing, the colour. Maybe enjoying it too much?! Done restraint might help. The second picture shows more variety of approach: the little blue car is a carefree scribble while the Building shape was cautiously captured with patient observation.

I’d like to have developed more. But maybe the few changes are not subtle.

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