Exhibition #1

My first exhibition is to be in Barnes’ OSO Art Hub from May 29 to June 9th with a evening show on 4th June.


After the exhibition I’ll be donating a painting for the OSO Arts Centre’s fundraising auction. Before the exhibition I did some signwriting. This means getting some rigour into my lettering proportions, so I do some research:

I then stuck up some samples to see how they look:

The next stage is to paint white over the old signs and transfer or recreate the new ones.

It turns out you need many coats of trade white to obliterate the existing black signage. Can you see the old sign through the new paint?

Meanwhile, passing the time while I’m waiting for successive coats to dry, I also paint (a picture of) the cafe using Graphite, Dulux Trade White Emulsion, ..and my cappuccino dregs!

At the end I’m particularly satisfied with the toilet sign:


I have a capacity of about 26 pieces and I think the trick will be to leave space, and present distinct groups. All will have handwritten text annotations and the first will be an introduction by way of a Self Portrait.

Next will be my latest triptych of The Trinity:




I’m thinking of donating this set for the charity fundraising auction. I hope someone will like it enough to pay money for it!.

There’s a little planning to do for the layout. There are two runs of 1.4m and four runs of 2.3m so I’m planning a “story” in six sections, each with a group of frames including one description.

Other groups could include Waterloo Bridge:

And similar collections.

Painting the OSO

I’ve also been asked for paintings of the OSO so I took a photo and did a sketch to start.

However, the huge picture I did during the sign-writing is now framed and looking good! Maybe that’s The One.

The Flyer

I do a quick layout on Google Slides. A quick visit to SnappySnaps for a £50 run (!) and we have handouts.

These go into the OSO and also stay in my bag to hand out to inquisitive passers by. The emailing and social networking takes another day or two. This is a lot of work, and the actual art is getting sidelined. 😦

The Website

15th May and time is running out. I need to add more pictures of Barnes buildings. I spend an afternoon outside the OSO Arts Centre and come up with this:

I call the office to remind them that my promise included artwork for the website as well as the signwriting and a picture for the fundraising auction. Next thing,.. my artwork is on the front page of the Local Art Centre website! Delighted. That’s a good day.

Open Evening

The show runs from 29th May to 9th June with an open evening on the 4th June. The band Our Dad will be there.

I’ll be updating this blog ..as the future becomes the past, and I can stop my social networking barrage. Everybody will be relieved!

One thought on “Exhibition #1

  1. This is so good Steve! Definitely not too late 😉 I particularly love the monochrome cafe painting

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