Small Squares (Mug, Quadrant, etc.)

I’ve found that simple, simple, simple sketches in small frames can be really attractive, especially when hung in a cluster, like this:


Here are a few that I’ve added to the growing collection of figs, mugs, and rubber plants:



R.Plant at the bar of the Olympic Cinema Members Club is a little pun. Robert or Rubber? I think Robert recorded Led Zeppelin I there, and I’ve always wondered if his stage name was a pun on the 70s staple of house plants? One day I’ll ask his dad.

Beethoven Stool

This is a really minimal 6B pencil sketch, shaded in pencil, photographed and pushed to “warm” to give it a lovely antique pine glow:

Beethoven Stool

The Quadrant

This sketch was made in 2 minutes, standing on the traffic island at the bottom of Regent Street, after more laborious sketching at the Royal Academy of Art. It’s been stretched around a bit by an iPhone App called Prisma:

The Qudrant Regent Street

 The Coffee Mug

This is simple. but as someone kindly said, everything is in exactly the right place!

Mug Shot


The figs are a cracking joke, but scaling them down to an unassuming size works better:


Holst House

Maybe this deserves to be a full size painting. Perhaps a future version will be A4, but for now, the first attempt remains at 4″ x 4″:


OSO Cafe

Sitting in the Cafe for the last time during my exhibition, I sketched the scene, and immediately received two offers for the two versions, as seen on the spot and shown below:


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