Day 27: Windows in Lisbon

While in Lisbon I took a graphically rhythmic photograph of the building opposite our balcony. Also in Lisbon we saw the fabulous exhibition of original M.C.Escher prints. I was struck by a quote saying how he found great pleasure in his pencil repeating the same pattern until it covered a sheet of paper. A quick […]

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Day 25: Night Drawing.

Well. It’s cool at night! So much easier to sit outside for two hours. I spent an hour and a half in the streets of Aegina and got these: Church of the Theotokos: The Milos House: Tenekedakia Restaurant: Boat “Asimina”: #Prisma variations

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Day 23: Paleochora

At the top of the mountain we often drive past Paleochora, a 500-year old derelict village, spread around a hill top littered with many of the 365 (alleged) tiny churches of the island. At last, after 40+ years of not visiting Paleochora, we walked up there amongst the broken masonry and ghosts of an ancient […]

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Day 20: “Panta Rei”

Saturday night power failure for entire village disabled all amplified music and most man made lights. Outdoor port-side street bar until 2am, and walk back up the mountain, all under the stars and a half moon. Up early and in the street for a Nescafé Frappé and to draw: And more drawing later in the […]

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Day 18: Just Do It

We made ourselves do it. It’s the only way. Yesterday the heat inhibited all but lazy swimming and ended in an early night. So. After breakfast, we clear the table of all but essential watercolour materials, tape down an A4 sheet each, and painted a still life from opposite sides. I’m mixing differently. Using three […]

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Day 15: Days slip away

Days slip away with swimming in the sea, discovering a new giant pebble beach, hidden beyond a rough steep track that falls away perilously from the coastal road. Days slip away with sleeping in the afternoon, after cooking from the full flavoured local produce. Or soaking up poetry in a good chair in the shade, […]

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Day 13: Arrival in Aegina

I have a new Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, but trying out a nice clean, square-format Seawhite book for monochrome sketching. First drawings are all of the familiar things here on the island of Aegina, where I have spent summers since about 1972. Finally, after many weeks of being too busy, my watercolours come out. I begin […]

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Day 11: Travel

Last couple of days in Unique Lisbon. Found the wonderful Cathedral Sé: And realised that the plainest building outside our bedroom window might make a perfect painting: Discovered the a Portuguese for ‘viewpoint’ is probably ‘Miradouro’: Then, next day, we’re off to Sintra, the famous historical site. Kings of old came to escape the heat […]

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Day 9: Belém

We walked and took the metro, and the train, and the trams today. Had sardines and a delightful sparkling Vinho Verde today. We made sure to return for England in the World Cup semi-final, but also made time for drawing. This building can be drawn from our room’s balcony: This building is the Torre de […]

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Day 7: Lisboa

By train we leave our children and grandchildren and set off together. Though we miss our children, I’m always glad when we’re alone. It takes a lot of time to get to the important conversations. We walk for miles and mikes around Lisbon and discover the posh bits, and the Alfama district where the “Fado” […]

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Day 5: São João do Estoril

Winifred Joy sits with her grandfather, splashing toes in a blue pool. It’s a good start to a day but it’s not a day for uninterrupted drawing, listening to a podcast, or reading poetry. Instead the children keep us occupied with their entertainment. But in weeks to come we’ll miss that, so it’s really OK. […]

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Day 3: Pool and Beach

I’m repeatedly drawing the view from this place. I’m thinking about perspective, but also, trying different ways to imitate tree trunks and foliage, water, pantiles, and brickwork. here’s three versions drawn so far: I tried again with parallel lines fanned out to guide my perspective drawing: And then again. To try harder. They’re not great; […]

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Day 1: Leaving London

Down to the river for a lonely pint and a fish finger sandwich 🥪. Mulling over this unusual situation. In a few hours I’ll leave London to spend four months living simply on a Greek Island, meeting Mary in Lisbon on the way out and (I hope) stopping in Venice on the way home). It […]

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