Day 1: Leaving London

Down to the river for a lonely pint and a fish finger sandwich 🥪. Mulling over this unusual situation. In a few hours I’ll leave London to spend four months living simply on a Greek Island, meeting Mary in Lisbon on the way out and (I hope) stopping in Venice on the way home).

It is both a loss, and a freedom, to be leaving behind home, tribe, friends, family, work, and all their quotidian demands. Of course, we love them all. However. ..

For the next four months, Mary & I will be free to consider and pursue our personal goals. We’re always busy and happy, but you have to stop and think about using everything you’ve got in such a way that, in the end, you look back and don’t think a day was wasted.

I’ll spend time refining this but essentially the important areas are: my wife (of course!) music, art, and producing IT, to ‘Make a Difference’.

I’ve had great projects lately.

  • Singing with my band;
  • Producing cloud database to support work with refugees;
  • Financial modelling to support a social projects to repurpose a church;
  • Putting on my first Art Show and selling pictures;
  • Building a wall of shelves in the offspring’s new house;
  • Renting out our house to facilitate travel and adventure!

However, while these projects have all been of interest, or of value, or both, I’d like to focus in on really doing well those things that give life. The things that I want listed in my eulogy when I’m gone.

Footnote: Strangely, music is not currently on my list of recent or future projects. And lately my guitars have been in storage. We’ll see.

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