Day 3: Pool and Beach

I’m repeatedly drawing the view from this place. I’m thinking about perspective, but also, trying different ways to imitate tree trunks and foliage, water, pantiles, and brickwork.

here’s three versions drawn so far:

I tried again with parallel lines fanned out to guide my perspective drawing:

And then again. To try harder.

They’re not great; but at least it shows that if you examine what went wrong and keep repeating, things can improve.

I’m not actually sure why I didn’t get it right immediately. Perhaps the family around the pool is distracting?!

Returning from the beach later, I got enough time in the car park to sketch a cool motorbike:

It looked cool with a Prisma filter:

With grandchildren around, there’s not time for watercolour. So mainly ink-liner sketching for now. I’d like to use less lines, less scribbling, but the drawing did respond well to #Prisma.

The beach was stunning and the aggressive Atlantic winds attract surfers and repel beach lovers.

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