Day 7: Lisboa

By train we leave our children and grandchildren and set off together. Though we miss our children, I’m always glad when we’re alone. It takes a lot of time to get to the important conversations.

We walk for miles and mikes around Lisbon and discover the posh bits, and the Alfama district where the “Fado” happens. We’ve a cool little apartment for a few days; time enough to explore more, and do some drawing too.

It’s a cool place with lots of good architecture to see.

And when you reach the old town, the ‘Alfama’ district, you’re seeing a lot of tourists, but in an authentic setting with lots of the remarkable Fado music. This music is as peculiar to Lisbon as many other things: the tiled floors and walls, the language, the friendliness, the churro, the vinho verde, and more.

After walking miles to see all this, we charge up our travel cards and charge up ourselves with breakfast. Then we went to draw this place:

Then went to draw this place:

It was a long day !

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