Day 9: Belém

We walked and took the metro, and the train, and the trams today. Had sardines and a delightful sparkling Vinho Verde today. We made sure to return for England in the World Cup semi-final, but also made time for drawing.

This building can be drawn from our room’s balcony:

This building is the Torre de Belém, and I’m not drawing it:

Finally here’s the Monasteiro De Jerónimos, which takes a lot of drawing:

But in between landmarks we struck gold; a well-curated exhibition of original prints by Maurits C Escher. All my favourites were there and to my joy I discovered new gems, such as his early representational work and an ad’ for St.Matthew Passion. MCE would often listen to JSB when working.

There are other places to draw, such as the Plaça Duque de Saldanha from the Plastaria Versailles, where I had the best pastara de nada and a good house white wine.

Here are the drawings:

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