Day 18: Just Do It

We made ourselves do it. It’s the only way. Yesterday the heat inhibited all but lazy swimming and ended in an early night.

So. After breakfast, we clear the table of all but essential watercolour materials, tape down an A4 sheet each, and painted a still life from opposite sides.

I’m mixing differently. Using three small brushes, for the raw triad from each of the main tubes, and a big one for actually painting.

I kick off with soluble graphite stick so that I can drag it into the wet paint to emphasise strong lines or make shadows.

Immediately I add masking fluid for lemon pith (on white paper) and for bread seeds (on a pale underlay).

I invented a green tablecloth, to contrast with the red in the cherries and bread.

Question: would blue have worked better?

Then I cannot resist turning it into the picture I really wanted, thickening the colours with the #Prisma App, and cropping it to 16:9 for your screen, using #SnapSeed:

I really like one of the cherries. Next time I hope I’ll like them all.

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