Day 23: Paleochora

At the top of the mountain we often drive past Paleochora, a 500-year old derelict village, spread around a hill top littered with many of the 365 (alleged) tiny churches of the island.

At last, after 40+ years of not visiting Paleochora, we walked up there amongst the broken masonry and ghosts of an ancient world, once the capital of Aegina to hide from evil Barbarossa.


Drawing is steadily improving but whenever I try “too hard” things can go wrong. I need to practice much, much more; and I intend to do that! Today I took a break from 6B pencil:

I get a stronger image first using thin inkliner for outlines and then thick inkliner for a building, followed by some colour. Not satisfactory but promising!

Then I return to the Paleochora and draw the Mercedes Unigow fire engine of Panayotis and Manolis, and the church of George the Catholic.


Now trying to get the effects used by Joseph Zbukvik and realising that one needs a plan, and complete command of the wetness of both paper and mix. Anyway, here’s the “iPhone Wallpaper of the Day”:


2 thoughts on “Day 23: Paleochora

  1. I love your photo of Paleochora.. I don’t know why all that rough texture excites me, but it does. Your drawings are so free and fun. I need to do more of that. the final painting–wow.

  2. Thanks DB! I have to admit, being free, loose, and fast seems to produce my best. I’m actually trying to be precise and look like an architectural artist but it just doesn’t happen for me! But for us in the 99% of artists (apart from the 1% professionals) I guess we should enjoy the self expression without worrying too much about perfecting our techniques?

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