Day 27: Windows in Lisbon

While in Lisbon I took a graphically rhythmic photograph of the building opposite our balcony. Also in Lisbon we saw the fabulous exhibition of original M.C.Escher prints. I was struck by a quote saying how he found great pleasure in his pencil repeating the same pattern until it covered a sheet of paper.

A quick rough painting is promising but I wonder if it would be better with a precise layout:

So, without even noticing that my windows are too close together, I try again; with a ruler (a ruler? in “Art”?!)

Then added windows panes with a mix of French Ultramarine, Winsor Violet, and Lamp Black:

And go back to setting up the masking fluid to allow a paler wash for the shadows that flows over the black and white parts of the windows.

While I’m doing this, I notice more and more detail in the window frames that I could use; hadn’t even noticed the half-circle scoops in the surface below each window, or the nose protruding above them:

While this is unfinished, I’m already thinking about a third version, where the windows are further apart (and seen from underneath?)

Almost done. The purple shadows and masking fluid are drying in the sun:

All cleaned up and with masking fluid gone (and a little White Gouache, Artists Typex!)

Here’s the #Prisma Variation (by the way, I do like this one):

And here’s the iPhone Wallpaper:

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