Day 42: Tonal Contours

If a photo is reduced to a limited number of tones then those tones meet at the “contour” line along which an object or a face has the same tone, and each “area” covered by a single tone is covering the area in which the tonal values fall between the upper and lower bounds. This […]

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Day 40: Portable HiFi

Here’s how I took my music with me, while away from home and HiFi. Headphones: wired B&W P7 Headphone DAC/amp: Chord Hugo2 Controller: iPhone + USB Adapter Player: VLC & Mconnect Apps Source: 128GB RavPower FileHub Plus FileHub Server capacity is limited by the 128GB SD card to about 300 to 400 albums of (mostly) […]

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Day 31: Pomegranates

I have promised a ‘pomegranate painting’ so it’s about time to get started. I begin without thought. Why not?! A try a postcard to go into my “Letters from an Island” to friends and family at home. Now to get serious. I’m thinking about the texture as well as the colours as I stare at […]

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Day 29: Night and Faces

Paints are all out, and a nice view, but to put off any actual painting, I’ve reorganised my pans! Roughly into the colour wheel sequence, and with four Grey mixes illustrated in the middle of a new guide sheet to help me learn the names. Before: And After: Portraits: We decide to paint each other, […]

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