Day 29: Night and Faces

Paints are all out, and a nice view, but to put off any actual painting, I’ve reorganised my pans! Roughly into the colour wheel sequence, and with four Grey mixes illustrated in the middle of a new guide sheet to help me learn the names.


And After:


We decide to paint each other, with brushes, without drawing. I find this very hard, I’m way behind Mary who spent hours in a tutored open studio to focus only on portraits. However, without thinking much, I did these two paint sketches:


Next I thought I’d do a painting from a previous drawing. The perspective might have been better if I’d prepared the page with radial lines to guide the single-point scheme, but the buildings actually recede uphill and curve away from the vanishing points of the front facade, leading to a more complex projection. Anyway, here’s my quick lightweight sketch and some #Prisma variations. Do you like any of them? I like the fourth, all-blue one.

Immediately I begin work on another version. The computer-generated variations are sometimes better, and make me think, Could I get that effect in the first place?!

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