Day 31: Pomegranates

I have promised a ‘pomegranate painting’ so it’s about time to get started. I begin without thought. Why not?! A try a postcard to go into my “Letters from an Island” to friends and family at home.

Now to get serious. I’m thinking about the texture as well as the colours as I stare at the real pomegranates we bought for the project. Mary and I come up with ideas: candle wax (quick, easy, mine) and pin pricks of colour (slow, laborious, hers).

I start again, mixing from Burnt Sienna, Quinacidrone Gold, Cadmium Yellow, Rose Madder, and some Hookers Green and French Ultramarine Blue for a complementary background.

The first layer is of Burnt Sienna and my new acquisition,.. Quinacidrone Gold. What a gorgeous colour!

Once I add some layers of colour with wet and with “dry brush”, plus some background and inklines, I get an improvement; one that I can improve on:

I mask up another scrap of watercolour paper for the next stab in the dark, and vary the background with a bold dollop of Phthalo Turquoise. Nice!

Gentle and sparse this time with the yellows:

Then the details, and more colour, “dry brush” for texture:

Pretty soon I’ve got a version 2.0 ready for another try, and another,..

Finally, I can’t resist a #Prisma enhancement:

However, the seeds just don’t look like the flat surface cut cut through the pomegranate. What to try next? Maybe search for “watercolour pomegranates” on YouTube?!

instead I just keep trying, and the same errors are happening. I think:

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