Day 51: Perthika in #Prisma

A quick sketch of some chairs in harsh sunlight with crisp shadows is an easy target for a watercolour quickie.

Then I turn to #Prisma and my favourite filter, “Gothic”. Whatever marks I make on paper, Prisma/Gothic always produces something closer to what I really wanted.

So, either this is helping me to decide what to aim for; or it’s actually part of the process of creating the product,.. unless that’s “cheating”? Don’t ask me! I wish I could answer that!

Anyway,.. Here’s my sketch, and some variations done with Prisma and Snapseed. If you look at the signature, you can easily see whether any particular image has been “tweaked” with Snapseed, or “violently reinvented” with Prisma.

One thought on “Day 51: Perthika in #Prisma

  1. The second one is my favourite here – just a small tweak to the colours to make them sing but very much still your original sketch. The others are interesting for a few seconds but don’t hold my attention for long.

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