Day 57: Painting Poros

This place is quite picturesque. So I set out for some live drawing. First up, the lovely open-roof “Cinema Diana”

When colouring this, I used too many colours. As my mentor says, “Mickey Mouse”!

Also the colours emphasise my failure to organise the perspective scheme. Too late now. I do a Prisma Variation which normalises the colour scheme, but I’m going to have to try again:

I also sketched a tall-framed view looking down a steep alley to the motorbikes and pavement cafés below:

I make similar mistakes colouring this one. In this case the water-brush is too small. In both cases I need a larger quantity of (paint) mix, and also a scrap for testing each loaded brush before it’s too late too see my colours are wrong!

In that last picture I traced some significant edges in 0.5 Rotring Inkliner to strengthen the composition. Cheating again! So, while I’m at it, let’s see what Prisma can do! …

A failure of the composition is that you don’t get the ‘enclosed’ feeling of a narrow alleyway. It needs dark walls to squash the view into the centre.

Second Attempt

It’s possible to have another attempt at the Cinema Diana. I start with a classic 2-point perspective frame and pencil in the outlines:

Next I get a 0.3 W&N inkliner to firm up the pencil, get more detail, and soften the harsh geometry by flattening off towards the edges of my wide angle view:

Then it’s time to choose what kind of colour to be applied. Monochrome tones? Restricted palette? Having started without really deciding, I quickly reach the point where I’ve just added paint and made it worse instead of better! Never mind. It’s all practice. It’s all moving towards a perfect painting; one day!

and finally a Prisma variation:

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