Day 70: Archontiko Hotel

An hotel that thinks it is a time machine lies between Orthodox Agios Nikolaos Church and the Pirgos (Tower) Of Markellos in Aegina town. Even in September, the problem is choosing between sitting in the shade or getting a good view.

I sat in the shade and drew for 15m with W&N ©️0.3 Inkliner and then emphasised outer edges with an (also 0.3 but much stronger?!) Rotring ©️0.3 Inkliner. At home I added shadows with Ecoline ©️Brush Pens (717, 718).

Finally a couple of #Prisma variations, filters Gothic, Roy, and Femme all at 100%:

After all this I coloured using W&N watercolour markers. And then repeated the Prisma process with 57% Gothic, 37% Roy, and 100% Femme.

W&N watercolour markers:

57% Gothic:

37% Roy:

100% Femme:

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