How God Became King (N.T.Wright)

I’m reading Tom Wright’s book about why the Creed, and the Pauline Gospel of Atonement And Salvation seem predicated on Christ’s death and resurrection, and perhaps on his incarnation, but remain indifferent to his works, words, ways, his life. But. It’s all good. My sermon analogy is your repossession of your own property, currently in […]

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Intercessory Prayer (Dutch Sheets)

Amazon: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth Bestselling author, Dutch Sheets, unwraps the mystery of intercessory prayer, revealing our role as God’s partners in His work. If God is all-powerful, why does He need us to pray? Have you ever wondered if your prayers really count? Or why you never […]

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God On Mute (Pete Greig)

Amazon: God on Mute was written out of Pete’s own experience of the miraculous power of prayer alongside the pain of unanswered prayer and the common human struggle to find faith with that paradox. Just after the birth of the 24-7 Prayer Movement and of his second child Pete’s wife, Samie was diagnosed with a […]

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Too Busy Not to Pray (Bill Hybels)

Paperback: 208 pages Publisher: IVP; rejacket edition (18 Mar 2011) ISBN-10: 1844745090 ISBN-13: 978-1844745098 Bill Hybels’ book on prayer for busy people has been widely read and appreciated for the last twenty years. During this time the urgent need for prayer has not diminished, but busyness still impedes many of us from finding space to […]

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Red Moon Rising (Pete Grieg)

Paperback: 352 pages Publisher: Kingsway Publications (23 Jan 2004) ISBN-10: 1842910957 ISBN-13: 978-1842910955 Brilliantly written with pace and poetry, this gutsy true story of the rise of the 24-7 Prayer movement is peppered with miracles and hard times of suffering. Starting at Cape St Vincent where Pete Greig receives a powerful vision of a coming […]

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