Art in Church?

Acknowledgement to for the above. Because I assert that real Art is about asking questions. Design & Craft is Expression; Art is Personal Expression If Art is “personal expression”, church could be the wrong platform for art. I was expressing myself in a worship band. Or was I expressing a mood “In The Spirit”. I was […]

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May Day!

According to the law it’s the last day for burning wood in the garden. It’s Sunday 30th April and I’m on the Greek island of Aigina. Through the net curtains and the tall blue slatted shutters I look up from my bed at the Saronic Gulf, calm as a lake between the pines of the […]

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Retsona Refugee Camp

Today we visit a refugee camp in Greece, one of three dozen together holding about 65,000 (known) refugees, forwarded from detention centres and now on the transfer lists awaiting invitation from the receiving EU countries.  We visit the home of a Syrian surgeon and two of his friends. One has left his family behind in […]

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We visited a couple who had moved near the sea, away from their home town. We asked conversationally, Have you found a good church around here? She answered that she had not looked, and was actually really much happier now, not going. She said it was a great relief to be not being constantly told that […]

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Saul’s regime change

  Christians accept the model of the New Testament (NT) being theologically related to the Old Testament (OT) in a mutual arrangement. The NT ‘fulfils’ the promises and narrative arc of the OT. The OT provides the NT with a shorthand vocabulary with which the NT makes huge, rich statements by reference to ancient language and […]

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Cars & drugs, crime & punishment

BBC News reports on a crowdsourcing project in Missouri to publicise the case of Jeff Mizanskey. 21 years ago he was caught holding and distributing marihuana for a third time, and sent to prison for life. This drug has been legalised for medical use in some states and for recreational use in others, so his life […]

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How Many Loaves?

In all four gospels, Jesus feeds 5,000 people with 5 loaves, and then 4,000 people with 7 loaves, and then asks his disciples (Matt 16:9-10, Mark 8:19-21) “How many loaves? How many baskets of leftovers?” (Answer: 12 & 7) Finally He asks, “Do you not yet understand?”  He seems to insist that the numbers of loaves and […]

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Theology: nobody knows; it doesn’t matter; what was the question?

Theology, like philosophy, poses excellent questions. Real puzzlers. I perhaps misunderstand both theology and philosophy to be academics’ intellectual playrooms. They get filled with things like those cubes made out of awkwardly shaped pieces of wood, or meshed ropes and metal rings. Only a few clever people can take them apart and even fewer can reconstruct […]

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How God Became King (N.T.Wright)

I’m reading Tom Wright’s book about why the Creed, and the Pauline Gospel of Atonement And Salvation seem predicated on Christ’s death and resurrection, and perhaps on his incarnation, but remain indifferent to his works, words, ways, his life. But. It’s all good. My sermon analogy is your repossession of your own property, currently in […]

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Cafe Theology at Pascha

Through the deceptive medium of social networking, it was apparent that I spent hours on end sharing pictures while sitting in a cafe in Greece. I had not shared that I was also using a laptop 97% of the time to work on a project. You had to be there to know what really happened. […]

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The Master and His Emissary

Epicurus: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? One response was that God made everything, including evil, […]

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Do It Like You Do

Press PLAY and listen while you read on.. I am preparing for our 2012 New Wine gig. We can’t make it for our usual 5 nights at Momentum, so I really want it to be a gripping and uplifting one-hour performance. I love the idea that when people visit a Christian convention, they won’t just […]

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Seven metaphorical days of creation

That’s William Blake’s “The Ancient of Days” to bring together two concepts of Days and Creation. included the question, What bible book is most controversial?  I said Job, not Genesis. Unless you don’t understand metaphor. Then I was asked, what is the metaphor of “Day” in the creation story? My answer: If you mean, what is meant […]

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