2016-10-09 Sun. What would Steve do?

Saturday evening was spent by candlelight and then by starlight listening to JS Bach piano music. A little pasta. And then bed.  After a lie in (!) and breakfast, I reach Cafeteria Kanakis by 11:00am and complete a drawing of Souvala Harbour by 13:00pm.  Take some pictures inland, and then keftedakia at tenekedakia. By  4pm […]

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Jazz Club Friends

   Like most people in modern city life, if asked whether I have friends, I’d say ‘few’, and what do you mean by friends? Are friends the people you work with? Surely not! No choice there, and wouldn’t any friendship be encumbered or overwhelmed by various needs of professionalism?  People do even find fiancé(e)s at […]

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Movie: On Golden Pond

Q: Compare the relationships between the three characters – what has gone before? Q: If there is redemption, recovery or reward in these events, how has the marriage contributed? Q: What qualities would you aspire to, or avoid in your own family? Writer Ernest Thompson, who came up with the original stage play of On […]

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Movie: Amour

Q: How do you describe this couple’s relationship? Q: Through what process do you think their relationship reached this point? Q: In what way are they independant, and dependant on each other? Q: What ‘promises’ are honoured, or unfulfilled between the various characters? Focusing on the lives of an elderly couple and their relationship near […]

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Movie: The Descendants

Q: What do we learn about this couple’s past? Q: What do you think went wrong with their relationship? Q: What do you think went wrong with their family? Q: What would make your family different from this? Only Oscar-winning writer-director Alexander Payne (Sideways) would think to cast the famously handsome George Clooney as a […]

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Movie: Date Night

Q: What mistakes do you think this couple might have made? Q: What do this couple learn about each other? Q: What do this couple learn about marriage? Steve Carell and Tina Fey star in this romantic comedy of errors. Claire and Phil Foster (Fey and Carell) are a suburban couple who feel that their […]

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Love as a Way of Life (Gary Chapman)

Love as a Way of Life; Gary Chapman, Hodder (2009) Gary spends a whole book explaining from real practical examples what love looks like as it includes everything from giving, trusting, forgiving, all the way to humility, honesty, and asks how to be properly motivated to properly love in marriage. A really fresh and surprisingly […]

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Marriage Works (J.John)

Marriage Works, J.John, Authentic Lifestyle (2002) In typical form for this entertaining evangelist, J.John erases the boundaries between Christian principles and entertainingly plain common sense. There is real wisdom here, and it’s easy to read, and it’s rich in practical advice for those thinking about marriage in the future.

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