Watercolour Garden Gate

Our family has used the gate into this garden for over 50 years. Mary and I can each count over a dozen houses we’ve lived in, but this garden has memories spanning them all.  Here’s my set-up, sitting half in the hall, with the paper taped to a table that I can push in and out […]

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Retsona Refugee Camp

Today we visit a refugee camp in Greece, one of three dozen together holding about 65,000 (known) refugees, forwarded from detention centres and now on the transfer lists awaiting invitation from the receiving EU countries.  We visit the home of a Syrian surgeon and two of his friends. One has left his family behind in […]

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2016-10-11 Tue. What would Steve do?

Up until 2am last night, practicing rebetiko songs with Theophilos at his ‘Psitopoleion’ (souvlaki shop).    I’m doing a Rebetiko gig tonight with my mate Theophilus. He plays bouzouki and his mate Costa lends me a guitar and translates.  Rehearsing last night, I asked Costa if his book had the chord charts for the song […]

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2016-10-10 Mon. What would Steve do?

Last night was spent listening to JS Bach’s St.Matthew Passion. Again, yes. Without being on a ‘diet’ I am eating less, which might compensate for spending a lot of time sitting. In respect of the sitting, and prolonged concentration, painting is similar to computing. However, I believe there is greater scope for using the brain’s […]

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2016-10-09 Sun. What would Steve do?

Saturday evening was spent by candlelight and then by starlight listening to JS Bach piano music. A little pasta. And then bed.  After a lie in (!) and breakfast, I reach Cafeteria Kanakis by 11:00am and complete a drawing of Souvala Harbour by 13:00pm.  Take some pictures inland, and then keftedakia at tenekedakia. By  4pm […]

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Uncontainable Simplicity

   You imagine the world might be difficult to assimilate for a child, while we have seen it all, or seen worse, or greater. But here we are in our sixties, on a Greek island in November expecting the same old thing, but experiencing surprises and novelty beyond expectations, despite 40 years of visiting. On […]

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Day 8: Syros to Naxos

We came by boat at night. Reading our books on deck, under the stars.     To get more out of re-reading The Lord of the Rings, one collates a name dictionary in Westron, Dwarvish, and the Silvan, Galadhrim, & Ancient variants of Elvish.  With paper, one can write key names in Runes, and avoid autocorrection […]

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Day 5: Syros

Ideally my own home would have such a window onto the sea and sky! My legs ache just to stand. The stairs and waves of Ermoupolis (City of Hermes) have punished me for the atrophy of a Springtime spent with a chair and a laptop.       

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Day 4: Syros

Concert of accordion and recorder in an Orthodox Church. Delicate. Astonishing. Varied – from Early music through Baroque to modern.     

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Day 2: Syros

A typical first day with too much sun, too much swimming, too much breakfast, and staying up too late. If we keep this up we’ll need a holiday.. Apparently this strip of hotels is called ‘Little Venice’. Cool!                

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Day 1: London to Syros

Da was singing with Uncle Dan, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Will at at wedding. Da and YiaYia got to bed at 1:30 and slept for 2.5 hours, then they woke up and went to Greece in a car, a plane, a train, and then a boat! They had galaxtabourico on the roof, and finally went […]

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Cafe Theology at Pascha

Through the deceptive medium of social networking, it was apparent that I spent hours on end sharing pictures while sitting in a cafe in Greece. I had not shared that I was also using a laptop 97% of the time to work on a project. You had to be there to know what really happened. […]

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Kali Anastasi

Monday 29th. Kali Anastasi After the briefest stretch around Athens’ ancient ruins, we take the delightfully modernised metro train to Pireus. The modernisation, and perhaps the Olympic funds, reached their furthest limit at the point that the escalator lets you and your baggage down on the portside of the Pireus harbour road. There you step […]

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Double Easter

Easter is over and we’re on our way to Greece, where Easter is about to begin. Holy Week 1.0 (the Orthodox vsn) starts today. Half way from Heathrow to Athens I remember the reason I didn’t want to fly. Security was awful, and my seat is jammed upright and my headphones don’t work, and we’ve […]

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It’s Over

I hope you enjoyed sharing our journey around the world. It’s over now. How wonderful to find our kids, Dan & Jo waiting for us at terminal 3. We’re home again, and there are just lists of things to do. And do them we will. But we’ll really get started tomorrow because today,.. We’re tired. […]

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The Big Bag of Tomorrows

Sixty days ago, we packed a “bag of tomorrows” that felt like it would never run out. We reach into the once-heavy bag this morning and pull out the last of them. It’s the tomorrow that starts with a midnight flight to London and ends with writing the final blog in the World Wide Weeks […]

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