Steve sings, and plays guitar in the family band, Our Dad
(try our music downloads).

Dan Matt and Will have a business called WeeksWeeksWeeks, as they say, “We Make Music”. One great project they did is for “Walking Bible” which sets verses to music to facilitate committing them to memory. The videos are a hoot!

People ask if I do guitar lessons. Sure, but my preference is for intermittent lessons, in other words to provide intermediate players with an hour’s guidance that will last them 6 months, rather than regular coaching for beginners.

Willz has a MySpace page for his own production as well as the melodic rock band, Shackleton; and Matt has some beautiful CDs of his own music and on MySpace you can sample Here Comes The Dawn. Steve has written a suite for acoustic guitar, and collaborated with African musician, Innocent Magambi in a work called “London Dzaleka“. Other friends in the music area include Jason Carter, the world travelling ambassador oF international peace and musical harmony. Also drop by to check out our best friend in Melbourne, Kris Morris.

The Weeks have worked with Musicademy which produces learning resources and more for worship musicians.