A New Sketchbook

I have a love / hate relationship with a brand new sketchbook. Each new book is perfectly shaped and clean, and contains not a single error of placement, pigment, or judgement. It’s potentially a bookshelf gallery of joyous art. Potentially. And before I begin, I imagine it finished and filled with faultless works that tell […]

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Day 102: Kerkira Streets

Three sketches using Staedtler pigment liners 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 & 0.3 & 0.5mm widths and Ecoline Brush Pens for tone. 16:9 Winsor & Newton sketchbook. First one near “Mon Repos”, birthplace of Prince Philip, the DoE: Second from the restaurant En Plo looking at the Old Fort: Lastly, an evening looking up the “Guildford Road” […]

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Day 86: Hurricane Zorba

Hurricane “Zorba” is pounding Greece this weekend. The wrong weekend to take a boat to Athens for an open air concert by the legendary George Dalaras. We got repeatedly soaked, the concert was cancelled, but we enjoyed the cosy warm & dry ferry boat lounge and the welcoming Piraeus Cafe, “Piri Café”. And I sketched […]

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Day 79: Fish Bookmark Wallpaper

In the last 80 days I’ve painted 26 postcards and put them into letters to friends and family. Sometimes I push them through Prisma and/or crop to 9:16 to double as a wallpaper for our iPhones. They’d look better on Watercolour paper than on cheap plain postcards. Probably. This little collection of fish is in […]

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Day 65: Tones Of Grey

It’s not just that Grey is a colour, Grey is also needed to desaturate all the other colours. Perhaps Grey is in fact not a colour, so much as the cancellation effect of two other colours that are positioned on roughly opposite sides of the colour wheel. Here are some recipe suggestions from a self […]

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Day 63: The Alley

Again, seeking a view with dynamic perspective, I find a Café with a chair facing a steep alley climbing out of the dock of Poros town. I order a lemonade, and get started with a W&N 0.3 Inkliner. Later I add watercolour splashes and play with iOS Prisma. As well as pushing the colours and […]

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Day 59: Monochrome Tone Sketch

Objectives: capture the scale, orientation and shadows of each house in the cluster that climbs the hill behind my hotel. 30m with Winsor & Newton 0.3 inkliner and two Ecoline Grey marker pens. Result before and after adding Ecoline shading and then tinted and monochrome preset filtering with Snapseed: And then with shading:

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Art Show: Practical Advice

I learned a lot while setting up my first Art Show at the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes. Much of this is thanks to Lisa Ross and The Team who I cannot thank enough for their encouragement and assistance from start to finish. 1.Diary Plan ahead. When should everything be framed and packed? When will […]

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Holst House (Negative)

It’s a well known trick to draw upside down! If you take a photo and turn it upside down before drawing it, you usually get a surprising improvement in the result. It’s because we tend to draw a map of How Things Are instead of drawing How Things Look. Our left brains take over; saying […]

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Figure this

I saw this online as a little cartoon joke. I thought I’d copy it (!) as a watercolour piece. Here’s the one I did in Sep’17 for M’s Birthday Card: And here’s the latest, done on a larger card, and with more confidence, though the foreground fig needs doing again with the same strength as […]

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Sketching Barnes II

On my way home from the West London Refugee Welcome; teaching basic IT skills to a gentle person for DRC. So sunny; and the river is full. Had to stop, though my only book was my lined journal. So. 10m with Derwent 0.8 Inkliner and Ecoline Grey Brushpens: On site: Derwent 0.8 Inkliner: with Grey […]

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Sketching Barnes I

Glorious sunshine and no excuses. So I cycle to Barnes village and find a couple of trees with good views. First I attempt to add watercolour to an inkliner Drawing. 1. The drawing has little ‘character’ due to me being careful rather than playful. 2. The A4 sheet is too big for my portable Waterbrush […]

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OSO Arts Centre – Barnes

Ideally I wanted to do a huge amount of watercolour painting in the four months of preparation for my exhibition. In practice the months have been frittered away with experiments and quite a lot of drawing. So today I went down to the pond and found a position with a good angle on the building. […]

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The Four Evangelists

Ever since we visited St. Petersburg I’ve wanted to paint the four Evangelists. I did a great sketch last year on a small scale but going big is harder. This is a metre wide. I need a bigger brush?! There’s a bit of symbolism to do and it’s all summarised in Wikipedia under “Four Evangelists”. […]

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I was framed!

If you make pictures you end up making frames! So here we are, in the ‘discovery phase’. I now own a mitre cutting frame, which looks like this: You’ll also notice a ‘band clamp’ which is perfect for the job. There’s also a packet of ‘corrugated nails’. Try buying those in B&Q, before you find […]

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